Helping Bars Keep Your Glass Full

How sensing technology will ensure the pub is never out of your favorite spirit.

We’ve all been there. It’s been a long day and you just need to unwind a bit at your favorite pub.

You find a barstool, ponder your options and place an order. The kind-spirited barkeep lines up your glass, throws in some ice and then proceeds to spill nothing but a few drops in it.

You figure the relaxing concoction you crave is merely delayed until, to your horror, that friendly face turns grim in sharing news that the bar is out of the spirit you so desperately desire.

It’s a sad tale, but the good people at Nectar are trying to prevent such occurrences by way of their new pouring spout that helps bars and restaurants simultaneously save money and replenish their inventory.

Their pour spout and stopper looks and functions exactly like its traditional counterpart, but is equipped with an ultrasound sensor housed under a black plastic enclosure.

This sensor instantly captures data relative to the shape and depth of the bottle in calculating how much has been used. This data is aggregated within Nectar’s inventory management software in tracking levels and simplifying re-ordering. All of this is done in real-time.

And instead of worrying about batteries, a replacement sensor and housing cap are sent as power levels dwindle, which is also captured by the software.

In addition to ensuring bars and restaurants always have the right liquor on-hand, the system shows managers how efficiently their spirts are being deployed in addressing on-going cost concerns related to over-pouring and over-friendly staff providing complimentary drinks.

Nectar would work on a subscription basis, charging customers about $300/month.

The company recently closed a $4.5 million round of funding, and although a timeline hasn’t been set for launch, the company is accepting pre-orders.