Security Breach: Updated Tactics for Old-School Hacks

Coordinating patches, covering the basics and not falling for "pinky promises."

Late last year, we discussed Lockbit’s ransomware attack on Boeing, and the ensuing “cyber incident” that resulted. One of the experts we tapped into in breaking down the attack, and its fallout, was KnowBe4’s Erich Kron.

You can check that episode out in our archives. 

In addition to his extensive knowledge on threat actors like Lockbit, Erich also has a tremendous amount of insight on a number of cybersecurity challenges that continue to plaque the industrial sector, including the human elements. His knowledge seems especially timely given that one of the most significant vulnerabilities uncovered in the last month stems from a hacktivist group using unchanged default passwords to access PLCs in water treatment facilities and manufacturing plants. 

Just like Colonial Pipeline and numerous other attacks, this global vulnerability started with the actions, or inactions, of a human being. This episode offers some additional insight from Erich Kron at KnowBe4. 

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