Q&A: What to Do When Collaboration Is Getting Harder

Product companies are forced with an important choice: upgrade or stay the course on key technologies?

Fast-moving product companies must share product information outside of their manufacturing teams to collaborate more effectively in a world where product, customer, sales, marketing and service all work together to maximize product value.

Legacy product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions are becoming increasingly difficult to extract data from and share securely across the organization. Today product companies are forced with an important choice: do they upgrade to a modern PLM, or continue with existing solutions and risk being unable to keep up with the pace of today’s market changes?

Joining us today is Tom Shoemaker, the VP of Product Marketing at Propel Software, a company that helps product companies grow revenue and increase business value with its product value management platform. In his role, Tom is responsible for product messaging and positioning, sales enablement, and voice of customer programs and is here today to share some insights into how product companies can get around some of the biggest challenges they face, specifically as they pertain to technology investments.

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