Tesla Threatens to Sue Would-Be Cybertruck Resellers

The company doesn't want its cyberpunk truck getting flipped.

After years of anticipation, Cybertruck delivery day is almost here. But anyone thinking about flipping their new electric truck for a profit better check the fine print on Tesla’s order agreement.

The automaker added some Cybertruck-only provisions to the document and they’re designed to ensure owners can’t resell their vehicles right away. The new terms forbid Cybertruck owners from selling their futuristic rides within the first year following the vehicle’s delivery date.

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Any Cybertruck owner deemed to be in breach of the provision may end up the target of injunctive relief from Tesla, which said it would seek to prevent the transfer of the title or demand damages totaling either $50,000 or the value received for the sale. Tesla said it may also refuse to sell any future vehicles to would-be Cybertruck flippers.

Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule and if Tesla does give a Cybertruck owner permission to sell within the first year, the owner is still obligated to sell the vehicle back to Tesla for the final purchase price minus 25 cents for every mile driven.

It’s a fairly strict set of rules for Cybertruck owners, one that reflects the limited nature of the vehicle’s initial release.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk last month admitted that his company has “dug its own grave” with regards to scaling production for the Cybertruck. He said it could be more than a year before the vehicle becomes a cash generator for the company.

More than one million customers have already reserved a Cybertruck but production estimates for the vehicle make it sound like it could be years before many of them take ownership.

Tesla hopes to eventually make approximately 250,000 Cybertrucks per year, but warned it will be 2025 at the earliest before it can reach those production rates.

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