Ford Changes Blue Oval; Railyard Explosion; F-35 Crash | Today in Manufacturing Ep. 137

Also on the podcast, inside the "Big Three" strike, space factory denied re-entry, huge humanoid robot factory opens, brain implant treats depression and Kraft Heinz had to recall a lot of cheese.

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Every week, we cover the five biggest stories in manufacturing, and the implications they have on the industry moving forward. This week: 

UAW Justifies Wage Demands by Pointing to CEO Pay Raises - @3:34

The United Auto Workers union has a somewhat singular focus: If the CEOs at Detroit's Big made 40% more over the past four years, workers should get the same.

Space Factory Denied Re-Entry to Earth - @15:29

Beware the logistical challenges of futuristic endeavors.

Officials Find Debris from F-35 Fighter Jet that Crashed in South Carolina - @26:45

On Monday, the military uncovered the crash site of a stealth fighter jet that went missing in South Carolina.

Explosion at World's Largest Railyard Prompts Evacuations - @36:12

Last Thursday, at around noon, an explosion shook the world's largest railyard in western Nebraska.

Ford Changes Iconic Blue Oval - @45:29

Last week, Ford unveiled the 2024 F-150 and outside of the new bells and whistles a few people noticed a subtle change to the brand's iconic blue oval.

In Case You Missed It

Agility to Open World's First Humanoid Robot Factory - @56:37

Agility Robotics this week announced plans to open RoboFab, a robot manufacturing facility in Salem, Oregon.

Kraft Heinz Recalls American Cheese Slices Over Choking Hazard - @1:04:44

The problem stems from a faulty wrapping machine.

Motif Conducts Human Trials for Brain Implant to Treat Depression - @1:11:30

“We’ve developed what we believe is the smallest implantable brain stimulator demonstrated in a human subject.".

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