Ford Changes Iconic Blue Oval

The subtle alteration debuted on the 2024 F-150.

Ford this week unveiled the 2024 F-150 and eagle-eyed observers noticed a subtle change to the automaker’s iconic blue oval that came along with it.

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Car and Driver noticed that the new logo removed the smaller silver oval on the inside of the badge. The outer border of the oval and the lettering are also now white instead of chrome. The publication confirmed the changes with Rob Brancheau, who serves as senior designer for colors and materials at Ford.

Interestingly, Ford makes no mention of the redesigned oval in the extensive press release accompanying the F-150 launch. But it makes sense the new emblem would debut on the F-150 – which is still the best-selling vehicle in the U.S. The company sold more than 650,000 F-Series in 2022.

Ford’s blue oval is one of the most recognizable logos in the entire automobile industry. In fact, it’s so important that the company actually delayed some vehicle deliveries last year when supply chain disruptions caused it to run low on badges.

Ford’s latest F-150 doesn’t stray too far from the previous generation but adds features like a new standard engine along with some updates to its Pro Power Onboard option for pulling electricity from the truck.

One of the more significant design changes is the Pro Access Tailgate, which incorporates a swinging door to provide quick access to the truck bed.

As the Associated Press points out, the new F-150 won’t improve fuel economy as compared to the 2023 model so Ford engineers will need to tweak the engine, transmission and exhaust systems to meet future emissions standards.

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