New Single-Seat Supercar Weighs Just 1,257-Lbs

The company says it’s been “developed for extremes.”

Monterey Car Week 2023 recently wrapped after nine days of new and compelling design profiles, awards and even one unexpected incident that involved an attendee accidentally deploying the fire extinguishers inside a $2 million Pagani.

But there’s one carmaker who believes its brand new vehicle is the most memorable, and they might be right.

According to Briggs Automotive Company – or BAC – its Mono car features a “one-of-a-kind” design philosophy intended to create a single-seater supercar that’s road legal, making it just as capable on a mountain road as it is on the track.

To do this, BAC took its inspiration from the company’s legacy, incorporating the “high-performance, lightweight engineering, dynamic chassis, optimized suspension and an emotional design,” that are hallmarks of the company.

The company hopes the Mono - which it says has been “developed for extremes” - will help it maintain momentum globally, as it continues to place emphasis on driver experience. And this experience won’t be for the faint of heart. With a powertrain that can rev to 8,000 rpm for 311 hp, the power at hand is contained in a tiny, lightweight vessel that weighs in at a mere 1,257 lbs.

BAC adds that light, graphene-infused carbon panels serve as structural components. And it’s thanks to this feather weight and high-performance capabilities that the Mono is able to sprint to 60MPH in just 2.7 seconds.

BAC says Mono’s “iconic shark-nose-front,” along with its central mounted LED beam headlights are carefully honed to enhance aerodynamics and that production of this tiny beast is already underway. Chris Lockhart, Head of Global Sales for BAC, said that demand for this new supercar has been “unprecedented.”

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