Security Breach: How Cloud Apps Are Elevating Malware Threats

Hackers are leveraging trusted sources like Google, Microsoft and Adobe to drop twice as much malware on manufacturing.

Netskope Threat Labs, a leading provider of threat analysis and cyber defense strategies for cloud-based vulnerabilities, recently published their most recent Threat Labs Report. Findings specific to manufacturing include:

  • Cloud-delivered malware increased from 32 percent to 66 percent in the past twelve months, led by downloads from popular apps like Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Gmail.
  • The report showed that 94 percent of users downloaded data from an average of 17 different cloud apps each month.
  • Over the past twelve months, the number of users uploading to cloud apps in manufacturing increased 27 percent.
  • Emotet, AgentTesla, and BlackBasta were among the top malware and ransomware groups targeting manufacturing in the past twelve months.
  • Malware described as file-based exploits saw a significant uptick in use by these black hat organizations.

Our guest for today’s episode is Netskope's Threat Labs Director Ray Canzanese . He offers some insight on how the industrial sector can continue to utilize the cloud without negatively impacting security.

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