Lawmaker Urges FAA Investigation Into 'Flying Fecal Matter'

Does the FAA have the power to decrease the likelihood of leaks? And who is responsible for damage and clean-up?

U.S. Representative Angie Craig is demanding answers from the FAA after reports of “flying fecal matter” hitting residents’ vehicles in Burnsville, Minnesota.

Carisa Browne said the foul-smelling brown rain hit her car and another car in front of her while she and her son were waiting in a drive-thru.

Browne, who went to school to be an aircraft mechanic, suspected the stinky sprinkling came from an airplane, given the flight patterns in the area and the absence of birds during the incident.

Craig, operating under similar logic, has asked the FAA to make sure enough is being done to prevent human waste from leaking out of aircraft while in flight.

“I believe that this most recent report of flying fecal matter in Burnsville, Minnesota is indicative of a larger issue,” she wrote in a letter to FAA Administrator Billy Nolen.

Craig has asked the FAA if an incident report has been filed and what safety measures are in place to prevent fecal matter leaks.

She also asked what power the FAA has to decrease the likelihood of leaks and who is responsible for damage and clean-up.

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