Motorcycle Maker Debuts Foldable Mini Bike for Short Trips

It can fit in a car trunk.

Chinese motorcycle company Felo announced the release of a new model called the M-One. Felo debuted the miniature electric motorcycle at the annual Tokyo Motorcycle Show. 

The lightweight "casual mini moped" features a V2L external discharge function and foldable capacity. The latter allows users to place the motorcycle into a car trunk or hang it on an SUV's tail. However, despite its size, Felo said the M-One could be used for short trips and daily commutes with a cruising range of up to 62 miles.

M-One measures 1,160 by 560 by 860 millimeters. That's about 4 by 2 by 3 feet. Its curb weight is 37 kilograms, or about 82 pounds. 

The mini moped comes with a lithium battery pack, a capacity of approximately 1 kilowatt-hour and a hub motor with a rated power of 400 watts and a maximum output power of 1 kilowatt. It also includes 220-volt and 50-hertz household AC power with two-way charging and discharging functions. 

With a magnesium-aluminum alloy integrated frame and handlebars that flip into a carved space, the M-One allows users to modify the ride with "development spaces" that could hold Bluetooth speakers, extra headlights and other customizations. 

The M-One carries a price tag of approximately $3,000. Prospective buyers can choose between bright yellow or varying gray pixel designs. Felo expects to begin deliveries in the fourth quarter of this year.

According to Felo, its professional team has over 10 years of motorcycle racing experience, which it applies to the company's research and product development. 

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