Auto Rivals Team Up to Train EV Workforce

General Motors and Ford are part of a new hiring initiative in their home state.

Two longtime auto industry rivals have joined forces to help train the workforce that will eventually build next-generation vehicles.

General Motors and Ford are among the companies, universities and state agencies that comprise Michigan’s new Talent Action Team.

Michigan officials said the new initiative targeting the electrical vehicle and mobility sector is the largest of its kind in the nation.

The state says it hopes to train thousands of workers through professional development programs in the first year.

A new scholarship program, meanwhile, would target top tech students at the University of Michigan, Michigan State and Michigan Tech.

Those students — as many as 350 — would be required to commit to at least 12 months working at a participating Michigan company.

In addition to two of Detroit’s “Big Three,” the program includes Toyota, as well as auto parts companies and battery developers.

Michigan officials say the shift to EVs could create up to 300,000 good-paying jobs in the Great Lakes State by 2030.

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