Security Breach: When Seeing the Attack Isn't Enough to Stop it

Exterior defenses are making hackers visible; the next step is eliminating the threat before it spreads.

According to a recent report from security provider Barracuda Networks, 94 percent of the industrial organizations they surveyed have reported a security incident since July 2021, with 60 percent of these enterprises saying their most significant incident resulted in downtime of at least two days, with some extending longer.

Couple this with previous data from IBM placing average recovery times at close to three months, and the financial and production losses alone, saying nothing of the potential IP and data loses resulting from these hacks, should be making buy-in from executives easier to obtain. And as the number of IoT-related connections, software integrations, AI-powered processes and expanded automation applications continue to grow, the need for smarter OT security tools and strategies will continue to escalate.

Joining us to discuss this situation is Pete Lund, VP of Products for OT Security at OPSWAT, a leading provider of cybersecurity and infrastructure defense. 

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