Security Breach: People Are Part of the Damage

"All of us can be tricked." Why aligning cybersecurity strategies with the people implementing them is just as important as the assets being protected.

I usually start each episode by listing off a number of escalating and intentionally frightening statistics about the rising number of cybersecurity threats facing the industrial sector. The goal is to get your attention and reinforce how your data, operations and all of your vital assets continue to be so vulnerable.

Today’s guest, however, would argue that our strategies also need to acknowledge the human factor of cybersecurity. Instead of tailoring our strategy to focus exclusively on what’s at risk, we also need to remember the people that will play such a crucial role in carrying out these strategies.

The hackers are focused on people and their activities, and according to Ken Fanger at On Technology Partners, so should we. He shares a number of personal experiences about a wide range of hacks, and the personal impact of them all.

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