Home Depot to Eliminate Controversial Pay 'Rounding' Practice

Worker lawsuits alleged that the retailer intentionally rounded down their hours.

One of the country’s largest retailers is making a big change to how it calculates the pay of its hourly workers.

Home Depot has long tabulated wages of hourly workers by rounding their time up or down to the nearest 15-minute increment, a practice it called “common.”

But recent worker lawsuits have reportedly alleged that the retailer was purposefully rounding down their pay, depriving them of earned wages.

Home Depot has since announced that it will dispense with the “timesheet rounding” practice and begin calculating hourly time down to the minute.

Citing evolutions in “laws, technology and workplace practices,” Home Depot plans to use exact time clock punches.

According to Insider, who first reported this change, “timesheet rounding” is legal but it has come under scrutiny in recent years.

In 2022, a court ruled against Home Depot, saying if the retailer was capable of capturing the exact number of minutes an employee worked, they should be paid for those minutes.

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