Eli Lilly Faces Whistleblower Suit

After identifying these issues, the employee says she was marginalized, harassed and eventually fired.

Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly & Co is facing a lawsuit from Amrit Mula, a former human resources officer.

The former employee says she was fired for identifying poor manufacturing practices and falsified data. 

According to Reuters, the problems revolve around the development of several drugs, including new diabetes drug Trulicity. 

After identifying the issues, Mula says she was marginalized, harassed and eventually fired. 

The Department of Justice last year began investigating the alleged manufacturing irregularities at the company's plant in New Jersey. 

In 2019, an FDA inspection at the Branchburg facility uncovered deleted and improperly audited quality control data. 

The FDA cited the problems as Official Action Indicated (OAI) which means regulatory and/or administrative actions will be recommended.

Mula is seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit.

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