Amazon Reimbursing for Medical Travel

This was revealed the same day Amazon stopped offering paid time off for those with COVID-19.

Amazon notified its staff it would pay up to $4,000 per year to cover travel expenses for non-life threatening medical treatments, according to Reuters.

Business Insider reports the plan covers travel for abortions, transgender care, cellular gene therapies, cardiology treatments and substance-abuse disorder services.

Amazon joins corporations such as Citigroup, Apple and Hewlett Packard, who have offered to cover travel costs for employees traveling out of state for abortions.

Corporate and warehouse employees and dependents enrolled in Amazon’s Aetna or Premera health plans are eligible for the new benefit, effective to January 1 retroactively. 

The benefit applies if an operation is unavailable within 100 miles of the employee and virtual care is not possible. 

Amazon revealed the news the same day the company stopped offering paid time off for employees with COVID-19. 

Amazon also offers $10,000 in annual travel reimbursement for life-threatening issues.

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