Infor Announces New Developer Portal and Program

Designed to provide developers with the tools to build applications on top of cloud ERP systems.

Infor CEO Kevin Samuelson and CTO Soma Somasundaram speak at the Infor Now welcome keynote in New Orleans on Wednesday, October 4.
Infor CEO Kevin Samuelson and CTO Soma Somasundaram speak at the Infor Now welcome keynote in New Orleans on Wednesday, October 4.
Nolan Beilstein

Infor, the industry cloud company, announced the launch of its new Developer Program and Developer Portal, which are designed to provide developers with the information and tools they need to build applications on top of Infor cloud ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems.

The Infor Developer Portal includes baseline concepts and definitions to get started, a centralized library of APIs (application programming interfaces) and a set of specific tutorials that will help developers assemble the components they need to build next-generation solutions.

The 50+ tutorials are offered in addition to Infor U courses and topical videos on Infor YouTube. As the central place for developers, links to product documentation, developer forums (Infor Communities) and best-practice guides are all located within the portal.

“One of the most exciting parts of the Developer Portal is the new API library,” said Chris Griffith, CEO of StarPoint Technologies. â€śHaving broad accessibility to this information will not only save us time by reducing our development timeframes, but it also will accelerate our ability to bring fully integrated solutions to market faster, ultimately driving value and improving cost performance for our shared customers."  

The Infor Developer Portal also will provide resources for two primary Infor application development solutions, Infor Mongoose and Infor OS (Operating Service) App Designer.

Infor Mongoose

Infor Mongoose is Infor’s rapid application development framework that offers users a no-code/low-code/full-code experience. This framework can provide benefits to customers regardless of their technical expertise.

Whether building an extension to one of Infor’s ERP systems or building a complete stand-alone application, Mongoose can help developers design, build and deploy quickly and easily. Mongoose maximizes a developer’s time by utilizing various wizards to reduce the need to “drop into code” and by exploiting Infor’s flex layout, user components and HTML5 designer.

With Infor Mongoose, developers can create the UX/UI (user experience/user interface) that they are looking to achieve.

Infor OS App Designer

Infor OS App Designer (OAD) is an extensible application design tool that is part of the Infor OS Portal platform. OAD is designed to be a serverless, multi-tenant, cloud-based development framework.

With OAD, users can develop widgets for the OS Portal, using a no-code approach, based on predefined templates that are ready to be connected to a data service. The data service layer can connect to any API within the API Gateway. OAD uses a design wizard that guides developers through the required steps to assign data to, configure and publish an instance of a widget template.

Story Monforte, Infor’s senior director of digital strategy, noted that the launch of the Infor Developer Program and Developer Portal is a key milestone in Infor’s roadmap for introducing its next-generation Infor Marketplace in 2024.

The Infor Marketplace, accessible at, currently serves as a listing marketplace, where customers can register to receive information and assets related to a wide range of Infor and partner solutions and services. In the coming year, Infor plans to develop it into a real-time provisioning platform, where users can conduct frictionless e-commerce.

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