Safety Software Improves Visibility

Real-time dashboards provide up-to-date pictures of health and safety for identifying issues and trends in fixing an issue before it becomes a hazard.

She Assure

SHE Software (Chicago, IL & Scotland) is a leading provider of health and safety software that offers a web-based version and mobile app for its Assure software platform. Features include:

  • An approach that provides data for proactive safety strategies.
  • The ability to record, track, manage and report all individual safety data and compliance.
  • Multilingual functionality.
  • Dashboards that provide an up-to-date picture of health and safety across an organization in real time, providing employers with visibility to analyze and identify issues and trends – ideally providing the opportunity to fix an issue before it becomes a hazard.
  • Helps ensure regulatory compliance with prompts every time an incident is logged to discover the cause. Any hazards or near misses can be logged in real time by anyone, anywhere.