The Top 10 Most-Read Articles Of 2016

A roundup of the 10 stories you couldn't get enough of in 2016.

As 2016 winds down, let's look back on what stories you couldn't get enough of. 

So here — and in no particular order — are the 10 most-read articles of 2016. Click the headlines below if you’re feeling nostalgic and want to view the full story.  

1. Clean Power Could Actually Save The US Billions Of Dollars Each Year

A study published by Nature Climate Change found that sticking to the emissions target determined in the Paris climate talks could save the U.S. trillions within the next 15 years — oh, and prevent 175,000 premature deaths.

2. VW Still Uncertain About 'Generous' Compensation Package For US Owners

Written shortly after news of Volkswagen's emissions-cheating scandal broke, this piece speculated how the automaker might compensate American owners of vehicles equipped with the rigged software. 

3. Trump Promises Reshoring, While His Own Products Are Made Overseas

President-elect Donald Trump's ubiquitous "Make America Great Again" campaign swag drew heavy criticism for being made overseas during his campaign for the White House.

4. FDA Warns That Most Grated Parmesan Could Really Be Wood Pulp

Remember, at the start of the year, when sprinkling wood pulp on your pasta was the scariest thing to come out of 2016? 

Yeah, me too.

5.Why Is There Still No High-Speed Rail Network In America?

America doesn’t seem to feel the need for speed — at least on the rails. 

6. BASF Says Deadly Explosion At German Plant Likely Caused By Error

Three people died as a result of the explosion, with eight others seriously injured and 17 others suffering lighter injuries.

7. The Major New OSHA Rule Setting Off A Fierce Debate In Manufacturing

Not everyone was happy about OSHA's new accident-reporting rule. 

8. Chinese Ship Scrapes Against Walls Of Recently Expanded Panama Canal


The Panama Canal’s $5.25 billion decade-long expansion had only been online for about a month when this incident occurred. 

9. General Mills Closing Plants Worldwide, Cutting Additional 1,400 Jobs

General Mills announced a "restructuring" of its global supply chain that will impact an additional 1,400 jobs — including 550 in the U.S.

10. Kellogg Apologizes For Assembly Line Incident, Says Criminal Probe Underway

This easily qualifies as one of the most bizarre stories of 2016. 

What were your favorite manufacturing stories from 2016? Comment below or tweet us @MnetNews.

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