Photos Of The Day: The World’s Largest Amphibious Aircraft Is A Fire-Fighting Behemoth

Unveiled this week, China’s AG600 aircraft is a 121 feet long with a wingspan of 128 feet.

This week China revealed the world’s largest amphibious aircraft designed to not only fight forest fires but also for use in marine rescue missions.

According to the Associated Press, the AG600 is nearly as big as a Boeing 737, measuring in at an incredible 121 feet long with a wingspan of 128 feet. 

The AG600 was made by China’s state aircraft maker, the Aviation Industry of China, and experts say that the aircraft is another step in the country’s plan to strengthen its aviation industry. 

A report from The Verge noted that the AG600’s wingspan is slightly shorter than the famous H-4 Hercules seaplane built by Howard Hughes in the 1940s. Also known as the “Spruce Goose,”

Hughes’ plane, however, only made one flight.  

What do you think of China’s massive amphibious aircraft?

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