A Paper Company Is Making Tree Pulp Into Noodles

Why this almost century-old company is venturing into the health food industry.

Mnet 51319 Tree Noodles

Omikenshi Co. is a Japanese textile company that has been in the papermaking business for 99 years. However, due to increased competition from within the industry, the Osaka-based textile maker is prepping to reach a new market of consumers — namely, health food enthusiasts.

Although this might seem like a dramatic departure from the company’s area of expertise, it turns out that the process for producing bedding, for instance, is almost identical for creating edible tree noodles.

These so-called “tree noodles” are made from rayon (a cellulose fiber made from tree pulp) and a sweet potato-like veggie called konjac. The result is a gluten-free noodle that is also incredibly low on fat and calories.

Omikenshi hopes these tree noodles could work as a wheat substitute for ramen or other pasta dishes.

According to Bloomberg Business, the company will spend 1 billion yen on a noodle-producing facility that will produce 30 tons of the noodles per month starting next year. 

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