Security Breach: The Good Guys Are Losing

How the industrial sector must unite before a "Pearl Harbor" type of cyberattack occurs.

The MIT Technology Review Insights recently reported that midsize companies, which would mean manufacturing enterprises with annual revenues of between $200 - $700 million, were almost 500 percent more likely to be targeted by hackers now, than just two years ago.

Similarly, Fortinet has released findings indicating that 93 percent of manufacturers have had to respond to at least one intrusion targeting operational technologies within the last 12 months, and 78 percent have experienced multiple attacks. Remember, if U.S. manufacturing were its own country, it would have the eighth largest GDP in the world, and the lifeblood of this sector is the small and mid-sized manufacturer.

Keeping these businesses running without operational disruption, intellectual property theft and employee data theft has never been more important as we continue to struggle with inflation, logistics challenges and supply chain disruptions.

Joining us to discuss this situation is Jeff Engle, Chairman and President of Conquest Cyber, a leader in industrial cybersecurity solutions and services.

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