Open Source Dev Kit for Drones, Robots and Autonomous Vehicles

The inertial navigation software stack and hardware can cover a number of applications.


ACEINNA (Andover, MA) recently unveiled their OpenIMU - a supported, open-source GPS/GNSS-aided inertial navigation software stack for low-cost navigation applications.

  • Applications can include autonomously guided vehicles for industrial applications, driverless cars, factory or industrial robots, drones, ROVs and other smart machines in need of an Inertial Measurement Unit-based sensor network.
  • Advanced localization and navigation algorithm solutions. 
  • All the code needed for algorithm development.
  • A freely downloadable stack that includes a FreeRTOS-based data collection and sampling engine, IDE/compiler tool chain, JTAG debugging, data logging, graphing, Allen Variance plots and a simulation environment with advanced sensor error models.
  • The hardware development kits include JTAG-pod, a precision mount fixture, an OpenIMU300 module, ACEINNA’s 5 deg/Hr., 9-Axis gyro, accelerometer and magnetometer sensor suite with an onboard 180MHz ARM Coretex floating-point CPU.;