New Cloud-Based Predictive Analytics Platform

Clockwork Solutions introduces their Advanced Platform, with the latest machine learning, AI and advanced analytics techniques for plant maintenance.

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Clockwork Solutions (Austin, TX) introduces their Clockwork Advanced Analytics Platform, with features that include:

  • The latest machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics techniques in developing prognostics for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and Predictive Health Management (PHM) programs.
  • A unified toolset to combine asset information from multiple sources, including real-time sensor data and historical data.
  • Tools for evaluating alternative strategic business cases that allow users to identify and test solutions to future problems, simulate results, and leverage reporting to evaluate asset performance, uptime, utilization and ROI.
  • Improved scalability supporting larger data sets and increased granularity of simulation results.
  • AWS GovCloud hosting support and regulated workloads based on government compliance requirements.
  • Lifecycle modeling capabilities for multi-location and multi-echelon maintenance.