Canada's Full-Time Jobs Down But Unemployment Rate Stays At 6.1 Percent

For the first four months of 2007, Canada's employment growth has outpaced the U.S.

OTTAWA - The Canadian economy's impressive record of creating jobs continued in April, keeping the national unemployment rate at 6.1 per cent.

Statistics Canada said Friday that, when adjusted for comparability, Canada's employment growth has outpaced that of the country's biggest trading partner, the United States, during the first four months of this year.

But the picture was not all rosy as April saw a slight decline in overall employment of about 5,000 jobs and a net loss of about 15,000 full-time jobs, mostly offset by increases in part-time employment.

The manufacturing sector continued to struggle, particularly in Ontario, where it shed 13,000 jobs.

The weakness in the manufacturing sector played a major role in Ontario losing 38,000 full-time jobs in April over the previous month, partly offset by gains in part-time employment.

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