Threat Data Report Exposes Depths of Cyberattacks

As with most reports, there's a mixture of positive and worrisome findings.

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SonicWall recently unveiled the 2024 SonicWall Annual Cyber Threat Report, which looks to expose all types of cyber behaviors and trends from digital adversaries. Some of the findings and trends from the report include:

  • Organizations are increasingly turning to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to alleviate pressure on IT departments and provide an additional human-layer of defense.
  • Overall intrusions numbers climbed, totaling almost 1 billion more attempts compared to the same time as last year. Encrypted threats jumped 117 percent, ransomware activity climbed 27 percent, IoT exploits were up 15 percent and intrusion attempts increased by 20 percent.
  • Total global malware volume rose 11 percent in 2023, with Latin America and the U.S. logging the biggest jumps of 30 percent 15 percent respectively. Surprisingly, Europe saw a two percent decrease, with the UK seeing the steepest decline of 28 percent.
  • Overall ransomware numbers saw a 36 percent decline annually. The summer months and second half of the year saw a strong rebound, as these extortion campaigns spiked 37 percent during the summer months when compared to the same time last year.
  • The increase in IoT Exploits is attributed to the rapid multiplication of connected devices, and bad actors targeting weak connection and newly integrated endpoints.
  • SonicWall's patented Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection technology identified a total of 293,989 never-before-seen malware variants in 2023. The threat landscape remains complex, with almost 800 strains of new variants discovered each day.

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