Security Breach: The Largest Attack Surface - People

How we're failing to properly support and train our most important cybersecurity asset.

According to Nozomi Networks February 2024 OT-IoT Security Report, manufacturing was exposed to more common vulnerabilities and exposures, or CVEs, than any other sector - realizing a 230 percent year-over-year increase in this area. Addressing even a fraction of these CVEs would be daunting, which is why understanding your assets is so basic, but so vital in establishing priorities and implementing approaches best suited to your security needs. 

To discuss these topics, and more, we welcome Jeff Nathan, Director of Detection Engineering at Netography, a leading provider of network security solutions, to the show. Watch/listen as he discusses:

  • How social engineering tactics play a key role in manipulating emotional responses that trigger certain actions.
  • The phishable weaknesses of MFA, and how its workflow might not be strengthening your security posture.
  • Limiting your blast radius.
  • The potential of encrypting endpoint data.
  • Why cybersecurity needs to take a more scientific approach to defensive tactics.
  • The industry's biggest miss on AI.

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