CT Scanners in Helicopters

A growing number of stroke patients live far from a hospital with the device.

The Norwegian Air Ambulance Foundation, with help from Airbus, is exploring how to install CT scanners in helicopters.

Norway has about 15,000 stroke patients per year and many of them live in the country, far from a hospital with a CT scanner.

A CT scanner is the only diagnostic tool for strokes so the foundation hopes to bring the technology to patients for quicker treatment.

The Foundation is exploring ways to fit a CT scanner into an Airbus five-bladed H145 helicopte,r but weight is an issue.

They are using nano technology to develop a CT scanner that is much lighter and with fewer moving parts that could be disrupted during flight.

Airbus has provided 3D-printed models of the helicopter to help with the development of the technology.

The Foundation hopes to have a CT scanner installed in a test helicopter within the next four to five years.

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