Lawsuits Allege Injuries from 'Dangerously Defective' Lid

Over 500 people are suing, saying they've been severely burned by exploding pressure cookers.

A class action lawsuit against Instant Pot pressure cookers claims that the product’s “dangerously defective” lid has caused several injuries.

Law firm Johnson/Becker said it has represented over 500 clients who’ve been severely burned by exploding pressure cookers.

The most recent complaint from a woman in Florida claims her Instant Pot lid opened while the contents were still under pressure.

The complaints allege that the defective lid causes the scalding hot content to be projected from the unit.

The complaints allege that Instant Brands, maker of the Instant Pot, has misrepresented the safety of pressure cookers.

The law firm said it’s still actively filing complaints and said clients could be awarded financial compensation for pressure cooker injuries.

Instant Brands did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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