Two People Got Stuck in a Chocolate Tank at an M&M Factory

There’s no need to sugar coat it; working at a chocolate factory can be dangerous.

Industrial accidents should always be avoided if possible. But every once in a while, something goes wrong at the factory and it’s actually kind of sweet.

That was the case this week when two people fell into a chocolate tank at the M&M/Mars factory in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. According to Penn Live, the individuals were unable to escape the chocolate, which was believed to be about waist deep. No injuries have been reported but both people were reportedly taken to the hospital.

According to WHTM, first responders were called to the scene to cut a hole in the side of the tank so the two people could get out. A spokesperson for Mars told the news station that they “are actively managing the situation and our primary focus is supporting emergency teams on site.”

The plant manufactures several confections including M&Ms and Dove chocolates. It’s located just south of Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Amazingly, this is not the first time in the past calendar year that a chocolate factory has played site to a mishap. According to Newsweek, a woman was hospitalized with a head injury and broken tooth after her colleague at the La Laica factory in Arona, Italy last year hit her over the head with a two-pound chocolate bar. The assault reportedly happened after a prolonged argument about chocolate.

There’s no need to sugar coat it; working at a chocolate factory can be dangerous.

Update: The Lancaster Bureau of Police told Today it had not been notified of any injuries and confirmed the trip to the hospital was likely a precautionary measure.

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