Deere Competitor Hit By Ransomware Attack

The attack extends to dealers who are already struggling to keep pace with order backlogs.

Agricultural machinery manufacturer AGCO Corp. revealed a ransomware attack affected operations at some of its production facilities.

The company announced in a statement that it expects the attack to impact operations at specific facilities for “several days and potentially longer.”

AGCO, a Deere & Co. rival, did not say which facilities were affected or if any data was stolen as it continues to probe the severity of the attack. 

The attack extends to dealers, who are struggling to keep pace with already backlogged orders. 

Tim Brannon, the president and owner of pest control equipment maker B&G Equipment Inc., said he could not access AGCO’s website to order and look up parts. 

Additionally, an anonymous dealer told Reuters that AGCO notified dealers it was “prioritizing” the most business-critical systems. 

According to the source, the attack impacted “digital systems” worldwide.

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