Security Breach: 'The Bad Guys Are Smart, Too'

Ransomware and the realities of defending against criminals that usually don't get caught.

You’ve probably heard a number of reports citing ransomware as the leading attack strategy within the industrial sector. In some instances, it’s been reported that ransomware groups are focusing as much as 70 percent of their activity on manufacturing enterprises. 

In one report from ICS security specialist Dragos, it was reported that 65 percent of all attacks thrown at the industrial sector were of the ransomware variety. And according to this episode's guest, cybersecurity attacks like these are never a one-and-done occurrence, meaning on-going vigilance against ransomware criminals and the like require on-going security diligence. 

Greg Scasny is the CTO of Blueshift Cybersecurity, a provider of security solutions focused on helping small and medium-sized enterprises develop and maintain a security posture that simultaneously defends against attacks while working to preserve ongoing operations.

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