Manufacturing Minute: A Fast Fighter Jet-esque Private Plane

In this episode, a private plane to fly you and your luggage around.

With a canard front wing, sleek aerodynamic design and a turbocharged 350 hp engine, the new Valkyrie personal aircraft from Cobalt can travel at speeds of up to 300 mph and has capacity for up to five adults and their luggage.

More reminiscent of a high-tech fighter than a private light plane, the Valkyrie sports a single, rear-facing, piston engine driving a three-blade carbon-fiber pusher propeller, and can travel more than 520 miles before refueling when fully-loaded and traveling at maximum speed.

Standard with retractable landing-gear, the Valkyrie models also come with an optional rescue parachute, deployable in case of catastrophic failure or complete loss of aircraft control.

Produced in two formats, the Co50 at about $700,000 is a fully-certified version capable of being flown unrestricted, while the Valkyrie-X is a factory-built experimental-certified aircraft at around $600,000.


Does the Valkyrie add something new to the design mix? Do you see a need for personal aircraft like the Valkyrie?

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