How Onshape is Helping Engineers Ditch Those Giant Workstations

The former Solidworks brain trust wanted to start from scratch and build a modern CAD program. This is what they came up with.

Joe Dunne is part of the former Solidworks brain trust that wanted to start from scratch and build a modern CAD program that is more accessible. The result is Onshape, a cloud-based CAD program that runs on all platforms and any device.

According to Dunne, Onshape is focused on mechanical CAD (parts, assemblies, and drawings), and the beauty of the platform is that engineers no longer need giant workstations with water-cooled fans just to run their tools. And unlike those workstations, Onshape doesn't crash.  

It also solves other traditional problems like design gridlock β€” it works more like Google Documents, with effortless collaboration. According to Dunne, Product Data Management (PDM) has become a dirty word in the CAD world, and it simply isn't necessary anymore. 

In this episode of IEN Newdesk, Dunne discusses what it's like to get the band back together (even though everyone is a little bit older); and what they are doing differently this time around. 

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