Lee Linear’s Custom Configurator Saves Design Engineers Time

Custom configurator will save nearly four hours every time you use it.

Design engineers, Lee Linear knows that you're pressed for time, so the company developed a custom configurator that will save nearly four hours every time you use it.

The new Custom Shaft Configurator from Lee Linear helps engineers design, download, and buy new custom shaft designs in 20 minutes. That is 20 minutes for a process that used to take four hours. So how does it work?

  1. Go to LeeLinear.com/Configure and define the shaft's basic characteristics, such as material, diameter, and length.
  2. Specify solid, pre-drilled, or a shaft with custom radial holes — and define the left and right journals from the menu of typical configurations.
  3. Identify any special plating, packaging, or certification requirements.

Lee Linear will send you a 3D model of the custom-configured shaft immediately, but if your design is good to go, just tell the company how many you need and they will let you know when you can expect shipment.

Also, at any time during the process, you can look right at the top of the page to see a real-time pricing calculator that adjusts as you build your shaft.

Lee Linear is already known for quick turnaround times when it comes to manufacturing and shipping, but its new configurator makes the process even faster. That means your prototype part or finished component is in your hands faster than any other solution in the market.

Start building your custom shafts now at LeeLinear.com.