Latest MMS Expands Automation Versatility

It brings together three application areas in a single software platform.


Fastems (West Chester, OH) offers the latest version of their Manufacturing Management Software that integrates both automated and non-automated processes into digital manufacturing management. Features and capabilities include:

  • The ability to bring together three application areas in a single software platform: pallet-based automation, automation of direct part handling with robots, and work cell operations for standalone machines and other manual manufacturing operations.
  • Easier scheduling of work queues and resource needs for non-automated production phases.
  • Functionalities for part process plan definitions through the graphical user interface.
  • Predictive and adaptive scheduling for the automated production by industrial robots.
  • Production of several different workpieces simultaneously in different lot sizes.
  • Scheduling the setup changes for the machine tools and, depending on the application, is capable of changing the setup automatically with the robot.