Connecting Traceability to Save Money

Leading2Lean introduces their TraceCloud CloudDISPATCH software as a standardized approach to alerting manufacturers of quality problems and addressing recall concerns.

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Leading2Lean (Reno, NV) introduces their TraceCloud CloudDISPATCH engine to identify possible manufacturing problems across disparate systems in different plants. Features of the software include:

  • A standardized approach to help eliminate inefficiencies of disparate systems.
  • Alerts users to possible quality problems across multiple devices and platforms.
  • Quicker access to the data necessary to identify root causes of recalls. Manufacturers can then contain the suspect material, preventing the quality issue from being perpetuated or shipped.
  • Manufacturers can trace all the way through source material.
  • A dynamic-schema architecture lets manufacturers collect variable data length and type, as well as counting to extend product trace detail to any degree desired.
  • Data can be maintained for 20+ years.