Software Empowers Process Industry Engineers & Ops Analysts

Software provides composite search, capsule logic comparison, OData support, an improved time series interface, and other new features.

­­­Seeq R12

Seeq (Seattle, WA) has released ­­­Seeq R12, an application empowering engineers and operations analysts in the process industries to rapidly achieve insights into asset and operations data. The new functionality includes: 

  • Composite Search: Combine results from multiple time-series searches to narrow in on a problem. For example, when temperature is >100 degrees F and relative humidity is <90%.
  • Time Series Interface: Delivers greater precision when working with date ranges and selections via the Range Selector and Timebar, which are intuitive, interactive tools for selecting, visualizing, and manipulating data.  
  • Capsule Logic: Capsules are data objects representing a time period of interest and related data. With Seeq R12, they may be added or compared to each other. For example, comparing the capsules created to define when asset X was in operating versus recovery states, and sensor A was >100 degrees Celsius.
  • OData Support: Fast, simple methods to see your Seeq worksheet data in Tableau, Spotfire, Excel Power Query and any other analytics package that supports OData.

Seeq is used across many process industries, including pharmaceutical, oil & gas, utility, and specialty chemicals.

Seeq is available on a free trial basis. For more information, visit