Photo of the Day: Another Target of Stricter EPA Regulations

The 'Photo of the Day' shows the subject of stricter EPA regulations as a result of health and pollution risks.

The Environmental Protection Agency is calling for more regulations on newly manufactured residential wood heaters, like the one depicted in the photo above. The EPA is advocating for stricter regulations due to potential health risks.

β€œThe fine particles in smoke – also called fine particle pollution or PM2.5 β€“ can get deep into the lungs, harming the lungs, blood vessels and heart. People with heart, vascular or lung disease, older adults and children are the most at risk,” explains the EPA website.

However, some states that produce the most wood smoke are resisting compliance, arguing that the EPA’s new regulations could be detrimental to low-income residents who may not be able to afford new stoves and who rely on wood furnaces for heat. 

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