Company Sells Human Breast Milk Ice Cream

A trendy ice cream parlor says its "Baby Gaga" ice cream -- made with human breast milk -- sold out as soon as it launched Friday.

LONDON (AP) -- Gross or tasty? A London company is offering an unusual dessert -- ice-cream made with human breast milk.

The Icecreamists, a trendy ice cream parlor, says its "Baby Gaga" ice-cream sold out as soon as it launched Friday.

The company paid women who donated their breast milk after health screening. The milk is then pasteurized and churned together with vanilla pods and lemon zest. The dish comes in a martini glass, and sells for 14 pounds ($22.50) each.

Matt O'Connor, who owns the company, says the product is "organic, free-range and totally natural."

The Food Standards Agency says there are no specific laws prohibiting businesses from selling human milk products, although they must comply with general food safety laws to ensure the product is safe for consumption.
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