Alcoa Bribery Suit On Hold While Feds Investigate

Civil lawsuit against aluminum maker Alcoa, filed by a Middle Eastern company, is halted while federal prosecutors determine if the company broke any laws.

PITTSBURGH (AP) -- A federal court is granting the Justice Department's request to temporarily halt a civil lawsuit against aluminum maker Alcoa, filed by a company in the Middle East.
Federal prosecutors wanted the lawsuit put on hold while they try to determine if Alcoa broke any laws in its dealings with Aluminum Bahrain.
In a lawsuit filed last month, that company accused Alcoa and its affiliates of bribing officials in the Persian Gulf state of Bahrain.
Aluminum Bahrain and Alcoa had agreed to the government's request to halt civil proceedings.
Aluminum Bahrain is seeking more than $1 billion in damages. Alcoa has said its review found no wrongdoing.
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