Canadian Brewery Brings Back Old Name

Drummond Brewing Co. brings back the Drummond name belonging to a former brewery that closed in 1995.

RED DEER, Alta. (CP) -- Central Alberta beer drinkers could soon be enjoying a frothy mug of nostalgia.

Drummond Brewing Co. Ltd. went into production on the weekend in Red Deer.

Its first batch of lager is expected to hit the market by the end of September.

Those who were sipping suds more than a dozen years ago should recognize the Drummond name as belonging to a former Red Deer brewery that closed in 1995.

The microbrewery was started by Kevin Wood and Cody Geddes-Backman.

Wood says the name, which is derived from a glacier at the head of the Red Deer River, still has value.

"My dad used to drink Drummond, everyone I know used to drink Drummond."

The name was among the assets purchased by Sleeman Breweries Ltd. in 1996, after Drummond went into receivership. But it was never used by its new owner.

"Trademarks elapse if you don't use them for a certain amount of time," said Wood, describing how he and his partner registered the name for their own use.

The familiar name isn't the brewery's only link to the past.

Wood and Geddes-Backman have brought in brewmaster Wolfgang Hoess, who oversaw brewing operations at the old plant.

"We found him in Washington State, working for a microbrewery there," said Wood, adding that Hoess is a tremendous asset.

"He knows the city, he knows the flavour profile that people like here, he knows how to work with the malt that we get here."

Drummond Brewing will initially produce draft and canned beer, with bottles to follow soon after. Products will include Drummond Premier Lager, Alberta Pale Ale and Drummond draft, with seasonal brands also planned.

Wood said Drummond Brewing will focus on the market in and around Red Deer.

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