Chinese Candy Embalming Fluid-Free

Earlier this month Philippine authorities pulled White Rabbit brand milk candy from shelves, claiming tests revealed it contained formaldehyde.

BEIJING (AP) - China is resuming shipments of a candy the Philippines claims was tainted with formaldehyde after tests showed that the chemical was not present in product samples, the government and the manufacturer said Thursday.

Earlier this month, Philippine authorities warned that the WhiteRabbit brand milk candy had tested positive for formaldehyde, a preservative and an embalming fluid that has been linked to cancer in humans, and ordered it removed from stores.

Countries around the world have been leery of Chinese exports in recent months after potentially dangerous chemicals and additives have been found in products ranging from seafood to toys.

According to Shanghai-based Guan Shen Yuan Co., the candy manufacturer, distributors in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong have performed their own tests and found the confection to be formaldehyde-free.

Seven containers of the products have been shipped to the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, India and Costa Rica, the company said in a statement posted on its Web site.

WhiteRabbit will also be allowed back on the shelves of the China Resources Vanguard Superstore chain, one of Hong Kong's largest, the statement said.

The company said its spokesman was not available but referred questions to the statement.

The company has said it does not add preservatives to its products and that its high-recognition brand name had led to faking of the candy. It has called the Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs ''extremely irresponsible'' for not confirming the authenticity of the product.

Tests performed earlier this month by an internationally certified testing laboratory in Shanghai showed that formaldehyde was not present in samples.

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