Japan’s Passenger Car Sales Up In May

According to the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, Toyota and Nissan saw substantial increases in May, while Honda saw sales decline.

TOKYO – Japan's new passenger car registrations and sales increased to 307,078 in May from April’s 290,062, according to the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA).

Toyota and Nissan both increased, totaling 93,954 and 39,831, respectively. April totals were 88,520 for Toyota and 33,142 for Nissan.

Honda dropped from 44,461 in April to 38,967 in May.

Truck sales were up to 70,824 from 66,424 in April. Buses slipped from 1,208 to 898.

Motorcycle sales were down to 54,637 from 60,730 in April.

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