Biomedical Manufacturing Boosts Singapore’s Output

April 2007 output in pharmaceuticals was up 98.5 percent and production of active pharmaceutical ingredients rose 120.5 percent over April 2006.

SINGAPORE - Manufacturing output in Singapore for April rose 18.8 percent over year-ago levels, according to the Economic Development Board on Friday.
Total manufacturing output rose 7.8 percent for the first four months of 2007.
Biomedical manufacturing saw a rebound as pharmaceuticals lead a 98.5 percent rise over April 2006 output levels. The production of active pharmaceutical ingredients was up 120.5 percent year-over-year due to low output levels last April.
Transport engineering grew 24.4 percent. The marine and offshore segment increased 32 percent as shipyards sped up production, conversion and repair. Aerospace grew 13.5 percent and land transport was up 38 percent.
Electronics rose 7.4 percent and chemicals were up 4.1 percent.
General manufacturing industries saw an 11.3 percent year-over-year increase, due in part to an 18.3 percent rise in the food, beverages and tobacco industries.
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