Goodrich Corp. Moving Some Work To India

Aerospace and defense supplier says its moving simple machine work to India in order to expand and keep more complex work at its Jamestown plant.

JAMESTOWN, N.D. (AP) - Goodrich Corp., an aerospace and defense parts supplier, says it plans to move some machine work to India but keep more complex work at its plant here to work on air cargo systems with an eye toward expansion.
''This allows the Jamestown cargo team the ability to free up square footage to allow for the potential to add more people and equipment to support new programs such as Boeing 787, 777F and 747,'' a statement from the company said Thursday.
''There are no expected head count reductions as a result of this change in workflow, in fact quite the contrary -Goodrich's cargo team is growing - head count locally is expected to increase beginning this year and continuing until approximately 2012,'' the statement said.
The work to be shifted to India is ''fairly simple machining,'' the company said.
Connie Ova, the chief executive officer of the Jamestown-Stutsman Development Corp., said she spoke Thursday with Goodrich officials who told her their plans ''would have no impact on Jamestown whatsoever.''
''I have to believe it,'' Ova said. ''It's my job to believe it.''
Goodrich, based in Charlotte, N.C., employs about 500 people in Jamestown, and is the city's second-largest employer behind the state mental hospital, Ova said. The company has been given about $2.5 million in low-interest government loans since 2003 for expansion and job training.
''The loans become payable immediately if the company moves out of Jamestown or Stutsman County,'' Ova said. ''We do value Goodrich in the community and I'm not worried about them leaving.''
Ova said the city could offer Goodrich more manufacturing space immediately, and for a good deal.
''They're pretty much at capacity where they are at now,'' Ova said. ''To get them to stay here, we could offer manufacturing space way under market.''

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