Japanese Vehicle Sales Take Big Hit In April

JAMA is reporting a huge downturn on vehicles sold and registered in Japan in April.

JAPAN - April took a big hit on vehicles sold and registered in Japan, according to statistics released Monday by a national industry association.

Data from the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) for April 2007 showed that a total of 357,690 cars, trucks and buses were sold and registered. This notes a huge downturn from March’s total of 767,412.

Toyota again topped the list, but saw its number drop substantially, selling and registering more than 88,000 passenger cars and more than 14,000 trucks, after selling and registering 189,193 cars and 21,592 trucks in March. Nissan was a distant second with 33,142 cars and 6,878 trucks. Mazda was third with a total of 12,917 cars and 2,951 trucks sold and registered.

A grand total of 290,061 cars and 66,421 trucks were sold and registered for all Japanese automakers collectively.

JAMA refers to new registration and sales based on license plate registration, rather than chassis-based. Japanese-brand motor vehicle products that are manufactured overseas and imported for the domestic Japanese market are included in the manufacturing data.

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