Japanese Auto Production, Industrial Output Healthy In August

Japanese production is seeing major increases, according to two reports released Friday.

Japanese auto production and industrial output surged in August, but inflation was also on the rise.

Auto production in Japan rose 15.7 percent in August, according to the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association. Production of cars, trucks buses and motorcycles all increased in August, the survey said.

Car, truck and bus production in August 2006 was 811,944 units, up from the 701,990 units recorded for the same month of the previous year, and the tenth consecutive month of increases.

Passenger cars were up 15.8 percent, trucks were up 14.0 percent and bus production was up 33.3 percent. Motorcycle production was also up 4.0 percent as compared with the same time period last year.

Auto exports were also up in August by 23.9 percent.and motorcycle exports were up by 7.0 as compared with the same time period last year.

Japan’s industrial output, meanwhile, also rose to a record level last month, according to a report released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

The Industrial Production Index increased 1.9 percent in August from the previous month and rose by 6.0 percent compared with the same time period in 2005. The index in August was 106.9, seasonally adjusted.

Transportation equipment, electronic parts and electrical machinery contributed the most to the upturn in August.

The survey of manufacturing production is predicting a decrease 0.1 percent in September and an increase of 1.8 percent in October. The Ministry also said that inflation in Japan was rising.

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