Global Production For Japanese Auto Manufacturers Shows Healthy Advance In May

Nissan experienced a decline, however, as Japan's second-largest automaker saw domestic production fall 24.6 percent.

TOKYO (AP) - Four major Japanese automakers said Monday that their global production rose in May, but the country's second-biggest automaker, Nissan Motor, posted a decline.

Toyota Motor Corp., Japan's top automaker and the world's second largest auto manufacturer after General Motors Corp. of the United States, churned out 639,512 vehicles in May globally, up 10.4 percent from a year earlier.

Overseas output climbed 12.2 percent to 340,267 units, the 53rd straight monthly rise thanks to increased production in almost all regions. Toyota's domestic production rose 8.5 percent to 299,245 vehicles, the ninth straight month of higher output.

Nissan Motor Co. said worldwide production fell 11.0 percent to 248,349 vehicles as domestic and overseas production declined for the fifth consecutive month.

The Tokyo-based Nissan, which earlier this month said it cut back output at two domestic assembly plants due to sluggish sales, reported its domestic production fell 24.6 percent to 81,551 vehicles in May. Nissan's overseas production slipped 2.4 percent to 166,798 units.

Honda Motor Co.'s global production rose 6.8 percent to 297,065 vehicles - a new monthly high for May and the tenth straight month of increased production, contributed by record output at its plants, including the U.S., Asia and China.

Its overseas production jumped 11.4 percent to 203,020 vehicles, though its domestic production posted a 1.9 percent fall to 94,045 units.

Mazda Motor Corp. reported domestic production rose 19.3 percent to 67,750 vehicles. The Hiroshima-based Mazda Motor, which is 33 percent owned by U.S. automaker Ford Motor Co., said overseas output rose 4.8 percent to 23,551 units, increasing for the fifth consecutive month, while domestic production jumped 19.3 percent to 67,750 vehicles for the seventh straight month of higher production.

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. said its global production rose 4.2 percent to 101,801 vehicles, with a 22.2 percent rise in domestic output offsetting a 9.0 percent drop in overseas output.

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