Japan 's July Global Auto Market: Toyota, Honda, Mazda Up; Nissan, Mitsubishi Down

Toyota reports rise in overseas figures for 55th consecutive month.

TOKYO (AP) – For July, global production rose said Japanese auto makers Toyota, Honda and Mazda on Monday, while Nissan and Mitsubishi reported drops for July. 

Toyota Motor Corp., the world's second-largest auto manufacturer after General Motors Corp., produced 629,723 vehicles in July, up 8.5 percent from a year earlier.

Due to increase output in almost all regions, Toyota's overseas production rose 5.1 percent to 290,075 vehicles, the 55th consecutive monthly rise.

Toyota's domestic output rose 11.5 percent to 339,648 units, the 11th consecutive month of higher production.

Honda Motor Co.'s output rose 6.2 percent to 274,624 vehicles in July, a record for the month.

Honda's Overseas production rose 4.4 percent to 164,352 vehicles, with record output in Europe and Asia. Honda's domestic production jumped 8.9 percent to 110,272 units.

Mazda Motor Corp. reported its global production rose 12.0 percent to 113,525 vehicles.

For domestic production, Mazda posted a 12.9 percent increase to 85,858 units on expanded output of the CX-7, Mazda5 and Mazda6 models.

Mazda, which is 33 percent owned by Ford Motor Co., said overseas output climbed 9.4 percent to 27,767 vehicles, the seventh monthly rise, on steady demand for the BT-50 truck series.

Nissan Motor Co., Japan's second-largest car manufacturer, reported a global production decrease of 6.8 percent to 260,143 vehicles. Domestic output fell 11.4 percent to 108,643 vehicles.

Nissan's American production rose 1.0 percent in July, the first year-on-year increase in nine months, and output in Mexico saw a 24.7 percent rise.

Nissan's production in Britain fell 21.2 percent and in Spain dropped 9.9 percent, for an overall overseas production drop of 3.3 percent to 151,500 units.

Mitsubishi Motors Corp. reported a global production drop of 11.7 percent to 107,192 vehicles.

Mitsubishi's its overseas production posted a 22.4 percent drop to 44,621 units and domestic output saw a 2.1 percent decline to 62,571 vehicles.


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